Managed Services

Full Online Support

Our Managed Services comes in a variate of add on's that support a multitude of devices.

Also, we can provide a non-disclosure contract for those who wish for complete privacy.

Best of all, it's all monthly services, no contract required!

Workstation Base Monitoring Service

The base service of monitoring includes patching and system analysis. Full remote access at anytime to help you in the moment of need. (Business hours only)

$40 per PC. Discounts after 10 computers.

Server Base Monitoring Service

We also have automated procedures for system health, maintenance and specific needs.

$80 Per Server.

Add on Services

Managed Anti-Virus with Webroot

We have a superior preventive anti-virus that we have specifically customized to provide the greatest security, including websites, with the least interruption and no user input. Completely managed by JBCS.

$10 per month per system.


$100 a year per system.

Backup Software

Simple backup software, controlled by us allows us to customized backups to each of your machines to a single drive shared on your network or a device connect to the computer.

Setup and external device required.

$10 per month per system.

NEW! - DNS Server Control

This new service allows us to forward your internet through a client customized website control.

With it, we can black list or white list any and all websites, not allowing anyone using the computer to limit access to websites you don't want them on.

$10 per month per system.